the challenge

Brazil. Olympic Preparation Camp. Team GB athletes. Make stuff?

Yes, yes...aaaand yes!

Cool! You’ll have very limited access and time with the athletes so you’ll need to be super reactive and think on your feet! Do monkeys even have feet?

Yes! Yes we do! Thank you very much!

Also, we need to tell the story of the Team GB Olympic prep camp. The team behind the team. It’s the first time we’ve done this, so don’t mess it up!!

We’re highly professional, talented and handsome monkeys! We’ve got this!

Good! Anyway, swing on down to Belo Horizonte and we’ll see you there. It’s gonna be some summer!

cue frantic swinging

the solution

Mission Impossible With all athletes at the prep camp just a couple of weeks away from the biggest event of their lives in Rio, we had next to no time with the athletes.

With just a two man crew we we’re able to create a suite of content that for the first time brought Team GB supporters behind the scenes of a Olympic preparation camp.

Short and Sweet To enable quick content executions that were flexible and reactive, we built a number of short form pieces, supported by exclusive behind the scenes imagery.

All of the imagery was supported by snapshot quotes from team members and athletes. This built the story of the team behind the team.

Go Big, then Go Home We pulled together the whole piece into one film. This film was broadcast on primetime Saturday night TV on BBC Two.

The first evening of competition at the Rio Olympics. We received incredible feedback from the BBC commissioner and then we headed off to the dark depths of the Amazon to celebrate!

Obrigado Brasil



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